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New Swiss company law from 1.1.2023: What is to do?

New Swiss company law from 1.1.2023: What is to do?

New regulations will come into force from January 2023. The following points should already be tackled now and any measures taken:

Review statutes and regulations

Existing articles of association often do not take advantage of the flexibility of the new law or contain provisions that do not comply with the new law. The company has time until 1 January 2025 to amend the articles of association accordingly. It is advisable to have the current statutes reviewed by a lawyer for any adjustments.

Planning of the general meeting 2023

As of 1 January 2023, digital technologies will be permitted in the conduct of general meetings. General meetings can be held via video conference and at different locations or abroad, provided that the exercise of shareholders’ rights is not made more difficult. General meetings may now be held electronically or in written form. In order to hold virtual general meetings and those abroad, the articles of association must be amended as early as 2022.