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Death in the company – what to do?

Death in the company - what to do?

A death in the company puts a strain on the whole team. Prioritise talking to the relatives to find out their wishes, also with regard to internal and external communication. Inform your team in person and not by email, emphasise empathy and respect.

The employment relationship ends with the death. If the deceased person leaves behind entitled persons, it is necessary to continue the salary for a short period of time.

Entitled persons are spouses, minor children or other persons for whom there was an obligation to provide support.

The duration of the so-called “supplementary salary payment” depends on the length of service: if the length of service is less than five years, the payment period is one month, otherwise two months, in each case from the date of death. As this is not a salary in the true sense of the word, no deductions for social insurance are required. The agreed gross salary, including all salary components such as the 13th month’s salary, regular bonuses, commissions or remuneration in kind, is paid out in full.